About Hardcore Sprinkles

Hardcore Sprinkles are all special snowflakes.

Hardcore Sprinkles are made with love in Austin, Texas. Each batch is mixed, shaped, and packaged by hand, which means each jar is just a little bit different. Our sprinkle shapes are wacky and wonderful, and we like it that way. 

Hardcore Sprinkles are made without any preservatives, waxes, gums, or other weird ingredients you can't pronounce. Because they lack that waxy exterior, Hardcore Sprinkles don't play well with water or moisture. Keep 'em dry and keep 'em happy – or get 'em wet and get messy, it's your party!

Get all the deets about what they're made of and how best to use our products over on our FAQ.


Behind the scenes, Hardcore Sprinkles is just a designer with dreams of a sprinkle empire.

Hardcore Sprinkles is the brainchild of product designer Sharon Brener. While reading Molly Yeh's recipe for cayenne sprinkles in Molly on the Range, a real, literal lightbulb lit up above her head as she exclaimed, "Why stop at cayenne? Why couldn't you have sprinkles in other flavors, like rosemary, elderflower, and chocolate chili?"

Turns out you can. And they're all delicious.