Whale, hello there.

First things first: what are Hardcore Sprinkles made of?

Each sprinkle flavor starts out the same way, with a base of confectioner's sugar, vegan egg replacer, and water. Then, we add different flavors and colors and that's where the fun begins.

We flavor our sprinkles using whole foods that are organic and locally sourced whenever possible. For example, our rosemary sprinkles are made with rosemary that is literally snipped from our garden, added to organic cane sugar, ground into a rosemary sugar, and added to the sprinkle base ingredients. We also use fruit juices, whole and ground spices, herbs, teas, and natural extracts to flavor our sprinkles. 


What's the difference between Hardcore Sprinkles and what I get in the grocery store?

All mass-produced sprinkles are made in giant factories by a few big corporations (Big Sprinkle). Hardcore Sprinkles are made by hand by a real person ( 👋) here in the capital of weird, Austin, Texas.

More importantly, store-bought sprinkles are not flavored, use a number of stabilizers and preservatives, and are coated in carnauba wax, which is also used to shine cars and shoes. Yes, they're all perfectly log-shaped, shiny, and bright, but they also don't taste like anything. Except wax.


Hardcore Sprinkles are a little different. Our sprinkles only contain ingredients you can pronounce and never contain any wax, soy, or gluten. Because they're made by hand here in Austin, we keep it weird and keep all the different sizes and shapes in the mix. We also love to experiment and are happy to work with you to make the sprinkle color and flavor of your dreams!

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Do Hardcore Sprinkles contain any nuts, dairy, soy, or gluten?

Hardcore Sprinkles are made without any of the "top eight" allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans). We make our products in a 100% gluten-free and vegetarian kitchen.

Please note, however, that our products are made in a facility that may contain tree nuts, peanuts, coconut, and eggs. We take every precaution to prevent cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee any of our products are 100% allergen free. Please use your best judgement if you have severe allergies.

Check out our full ingredient list here


How are your sprinkles colored?

Because we use whole ingredients whenever possible, most of the coloring comes from the ingredients themselves. 

High five!

But, when a flavor needs a little visual boost, we turn to natural, plant-based food coloring. Our colors come from superfoods like turmeric, spirulina, and beets and all ingredients are listed here.


Do you do wholesale orders?

Yes! Contact us at hello@hardcoresprinkles.com


Can I carry Hardcore Sprinkles in my retail store/specialty shop/online marketplace of wonderful handcrafted things?

Double yes. Send us the deets at hello@hardcoresprinkles.com